Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello my crafty friends!!  I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!  We will be spending the day at my SIL's this year, along with 22 other  family members.... it will be a great day. :) We were all up early this morning making our yummy homemade stuffing.  Each one of us has our special job to do and we just have so much fun!!  The girls are responsible for toasting the sourdough bread and breaking it into small pieces (one does the toasting, one does the breaking apart of the bread)  I am responsible for the chopping of the the celery, onions and green onions and my DH does the sauteing of the butter and celery/onion mix, plus he uses his "secret" spices to make it taste PERFECT!!  The we mix all the stuffing mix, sourdough bread and celery/onion mix together for the yummiest stuffing EVER!! :)   We are also bringing our mashed sweet potatoes... also very delicious!   Mmmmmmm.... can't wait!

I always enjoy this day... just sitting around talking with our family, eating yummy food, and going through all the Black Friday papers together! It truly is a great day.

I hope you all will be able to spend the day with your loved ones as well and have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Big Hugs,


Your comments truly make my day!! Thank you so much. :)